We offer training to professionals in healthcare, education, and other industries to increase empathy and help people understand the unique needs that LGTBQ+ people face in the community.

At PFLAG of South Central Kansas, we provide support to individuals and families of all ages and orientations. Whether you find yourself on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, a parent or relative of an LGBTQ+ individual, or an ever-vital ally in our inclusion efforts, we welcome you to one of our many regular meetings. Our doors are open almost every night of the week, offering services to enable communication and empower our community. Join us at one of our support meetings and find your place in .





We work with nonprofits across South Central Kansas to enable our cooperative missions that ultimately strengthen the people and communities we serve.


Youth events were, in many ways, the cornerstone of PFLAG's early efforts to serve the community. We endeavor to give youth and families a safe space to connect and understand one another.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring for Youth and Teenagers

HIV Testing and Support Services

Mom Hugs and Parental Support Services

Whether youth and teenagers identify as LGBTQ+ themselves or are part of an LGBTQ+ family, they are often challenged by the perceptions of the community at large. Recognizing the challenges of this age group and offering a place for them to come together and talk about their lives and support one another has been proven to drastically reduce suicides, as well as other negative mental health outcomes that can result from alienation in the community. We offer regular support meetings as well as casual social events that allow youth and teenagers to come together and build their own support network.

Positive Directions, an HIV and STD testing service located in Wichita, Kansas, visits the Hutchinson Center at least quarterly to offer testing and resources to the community of South Central Kansas. Anyone visiting our Center during these events can receive a FREE HIV and STD test that will be quickly and confidentially delivered with immediate results. 

Our Center also offers a regular HIV support group for those who have been diagnosed and need the community of others facing the same struggles they are. 

Parents of LGBTQ+ youth and teenagers face unique challenges. PFLAG endeavors to help parents face the already challenging teenage years by facilitating regular parent mentoring groups where parents gather to talk about the challenges they face as parents of LGBTQ+ youth or as LGBTQ+ parents themselves. 

Those who have lost parental support due to their orientation are also offered the love and affection of the community of affirming parents and peers.